Hammers and Welders and Sculpture by Dan Dreisbach

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Dan Dreisbach offers unique sculptures for desk or garden installation. Choice from the available sculptures or call or e-mail to request a custom piece.

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Green Accent Essence Sculpture

Green Accent Essence Sculpture
Green Essence Stand

Size: Base measures 14" x 9.5"

Specs: Materials used are: Stainless Steel Aluminum and acrylic.

Can be laid flat, or hang at any angle on a wall and comes with a 60 degree aluminum stand.

Comes in a quality container.

Price $1500.00 with standard shipping in cont. U.S.

Inspired Sculpture

Inspired Sculpture

Size: Base measures 24" x 11"

Specs: Materials used are :Red Heart, Yellow Heart and Maple hardwoods and Stainless Steel and Aluminum.

Comes in a quality container.

Price: $2500.00 with standard shipping in Cont. US shipped.

Large Essence Sculpture

Inspired Sculpture

Large Essence (see other pictures Click Here)

Sizes: Measures approximately seven feet long.

Specs: All Stainless steel. Sculpture is mounted on a rotating base. (It has been suggested that it might be used as a weather vane.)

Price: $10,000 Delivery and installation to be determined.

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